Roadmap For Inclusive Innovation

Measuring community impact through cross-sector partnerships

The Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation (2015 – 2018) was the starting blueprint for the City’s Inclusive Innovation efforts. Through six focus areas, the Roadmap supported the vision of Mayor William Peduto for the City of Pittsburgh to be a city of equity, access and opportunity through cross-sector partnerships and collaboration. The outcomes by focus area can be found below. The work of Inclusive Innovation continues on through the Inclusive Innovation Summit and Meetups.

Roadmap Outcomes








*The seven remaining (5%) on-track actions were not completed by the closing of the Roadmap, Summer 2018. These actions continue through the purview of OnePGH Resilient Pittsburgh, a strategy for the city to thrive in the 21st Century.

Roadmap Focus Areas

Enhance City Operations

Use technology, improve employee engagement and support internal development.

City Operation Goals

Connect Citizens with City Government

Pilot strategies to facilitate communication between citizens and city government.

City to Citizen Engagement Goals

Foster Clean Technology

Lead the City of Pittsburgh in awareness and adoption of clean technology solutions.

Clean Technology Goals

Close The Digital Divide

Provide pathways to internet access, computer access and digital learning opportunities for all.

Digital Divide Goals

Strengthen Local Business

Support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and innovation in the city.

Local Business Goals

Champion Open Data

Provide open data and create tools to visualize important public information for citizens.

Open Data Goals

Inclusive Innovation Data Set

Open Data is a key tenant of inclusive innovation and much of this work is championed by The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. Visit their website to view the progress of all the action items under the Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation.

Track our Progress


Inclusive Innovation is a joint collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of Innovation & Performance and The Urban Redevelopment Authority. Special thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundations for their generous support to Inclusive Innovation.

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