Strengthen Local Business

Support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and innovation in the city.


Support Local Business

Increase governmental cooperation with local businesses and promote co-working spaces.

Brand Pittsburgh as an Inclusive Innovation City

Promote Pittsburgh as an inclusive center for new and creative industries.

Connect Business to Capital

Facilitate connections between different organizations and increase access to local resources.

Support Mentoring and fellowship programs

Develop mentorship and fellowship opportunities for small-business owners, local students, and immigrants.

Action items







Support Local Business


Adapt Local Business Products

Create a framework or working group focused on adapting and testing local business products and services within City government.


Map Business Creation Process

Map the business creation process for the average Pittsburgh entrepreneur in order to recommend improvements and lower barriers to start a business.


Promote E-commerce Tutoring

Identify, promote and fill the gaps of local E-commerce tutoring and mentorships aimed at small business owners.

Promote Local Partnerships

Highlight unique local products and services through partnerships and awareness programs.

Advocate for Maker Community

Advocate for policies to benefit the maker community.

Streamline LaunchPGH Website

Enhance and streamline the website, by creating a new interface, and adding maker business resources.

Create Innovation Zone

Establish an Innovation Zone to create business growth opportunities for startups.


Engage with Businesses

Engage with businesses through programs that could include mobile trucks, pop up business sites, or temporary retail kiosks for entrepreneurs to test their business concepts.


Subsidize Coworking Space Memberships

Work with local community coworking spaces to subsidize qualified applicants who would otherwise be unable to afford membership.

Brand Pittsburgh as an Inclusive Innovation City


Increase the Hiring of Immigrants

Promote best practices to increase the hiring of immigrants through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.


Strengthen Economic Development

Coordinate economic development activity between the City, Allegheny County, Universities and local economic development organizations, through programs such as PowerUpPittsburgh.


Create National Network

Form a national network with other cities’ innovative leaders to help stay abreast of successful regional policies and projects.


Highlight Local Successes

Highlight the success of companies across the City in a consistent and deliberate fashion.


Create Multi-year Media Campaign

Begin a multi-year media campaign that works with community partners and promotes both their work and the Pittsburgh region.


Deepen University Partnerships

Deepen the City’s engagement with local universities to tie academic research to help develop innovative City policies.

Invite Native Pittsburghers

Invite prominent native Pittsburghers who have scattered across the globe to re-engage with the City through deliberate programs and partnerships.

Connect Business to Capital


Expand Access to Capital

Support the expansion of local resources for access to capital through Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI) such as Bridgeway Capital and Northside Community Development Fund, and Urban Redevelopment Authority programs.


Enhance Small Business Resource Fairs

Strengthen the City’s support of business through the enhancement of the City’s Small Business Resource Fairs and

Support Immigrant Businesses

Grow immigrant and minority businesses through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.


Develop Impact Investment Tool

Create an impact investment tool such as a fund of funds to focus on inclusive innovation.

Support mentoring and fellowship programs


Support Small Business Mentorship

Support existing small-business mentorship programs to connect established companies with smaller businesses, newer businesses, or even potential clients to provide guidance when starting a new venture.


Expand Fellowship Programs

Expand local and national fellowship programs to connect businesses and government to local universities and create a pipeline for students.


Launch Leadership Mentoring Program

Launch a leadership mentor matching program for immigrant entrepreneurs and community leaders through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Initiative.


Inclusive Innovation is a joint collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of Innovation & Performance and The Urban Redevelopment Authority. Special thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundations for their generous support to Inclusive Innovation.

© 2017 City of Pittsburgh, Department of Innovation & Performance


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