Community-Driven Initiatives

Collaborating with partners on programs that lead to community impact

Inclusive Innovation provides the framework for the City to lead initiatives that foster inclusion and collaboration as well as support and participate in collaborations and initiatives other organizations are leading. Each of the plans and programs listed below showcase a collective effort for Pittsburgh to be a city for all. The plans and programs overlap, intertwine, and build from one another demonstrating the multitude of individuals working for an inclusive, diverse, innovative and resilient future for our city.

Initiatives We Lead

Inclusive Innovation Week

Inclusive Innovation Week is a platform for the City to support and promote organizations and businesses working towards equity in a transforming Pittsburgh. The week brings necessary conversations to the forefront of discussion and uses the City’s network to connect organizations and businesses who might not regularly work together or speak with one another’s audiences. Inclusive Innovation Week is an opportunity for organizations and businesses to stand up for a more inclusive and diverse future for Pittsburgh. Read about Inclusive Innovation Week 2018!


PGH Lab is a city-led program that connects local startup companies with the City of Pittsburgh and local authorities to test new products and services in a real world environment for 3 – 4 months. In the program, startups are encouraged to test, gain valuable market feedback, and iterate. In turn, the program gives local government the opportunity to explore new ways to use technology and new services to make government more efficient, transparent, sustainable, and inclusive. Find out more about PGH Lab and its next application cycle.


ConnectHome USA is working to close the digital divide in HUD-assisted housing. Through this national partnership, the City of Pittsburgh in collaboration with the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Housing Authority are working to provide opportunities for residents in HUD-assisted living to be part of a transforming region through access to computers, in home internet, and digital literacy training. Read more about ConnectHome in Pittsburgh. 

Initiatives Our Partners Lead

Connecting Urban Entrepreneurs (CUE)

Connecting Urban Entrepreneurs is a program working to provide technical resources and training to small businesses owners. Spearheaded by the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Chatham and in partnership with the Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation, CUE is working one-on-one with small business owners to ensure their businesses have the technical presence to thrive in the future of Pittsburgh.

Welcoming Pittsburgh

Welcoming Pittsburgh is an immigrant and Latino integration strategy launched by Mayor William Peduto in 2014. In 2015, Mayor Peduto released a comprehensive citywide plan that established nearly 40 community-led recommendations to advance welcoming efforts. The Mayor’s Office is leading implementation of the plan through cross-sectoral partnerships. Welcoming Pittsburgh is rooted in a commitment to ensure a more livable city for all residents. Find out more about Welcoming Pittsburgh.

My Brother’s Keeper

In September 2014, President Barack Obama issued a directive to cities, counties, and communities across the nation, to become “MBK Communities”, wherein elected officials work with local partners to forge long-­term and strategic programs to improve the livelihood and development of all young people, with a strong focus on young men and boys of color. The My Brother’s Keeper initiative continues, now spearheaded out of the Homewood Children’s Village, in collaboration and partnership with inclusive innovation initiatives centered on youth participating in a changing Pittsburgh. Read more about My Brother’s Keepers. 

Remake Learning

Remake Learning is a network that ignites engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change. Remake Learning connects education partners and provides programming to move education forward. In partnership with inclusive innovation, Remake Learning connects education partners that are impacting the lives of our youngest Pittsburgh residents. Read more about Remake Learning. 


Formally established in 2015, TechHire Pittsburgh is a nationally-recognized strategy that reacts to the region’s tech talent supply -demand mismatch. Through a number of initiatives and programs that collectively comprise the TechHire Pittsburgh model, we simultaneously address the two needs: launching people without previous experience to viable, in-demand career pathways, while also delivering a new supply of talent to employers across high priority sectors. The work is spearheaded by Partners 4 Work in collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Learn more about TechHire.

Smart PGH

Smart PGH is expanding transit options to connect all of our neighborhoods to social and economic hubs.Though cross-sector collaboration, the Department of Mobility and Transportation at the City of Pittsburgh is striving to use new technology to provide increased transportation options for all. This plan is key to an inclusive city where everyone can have affordable transportation access to public goods and services. Find out more about Smart PGH.

Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

The Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center provides a shared technological and legal infrastructure to support research, analysis, decision making, and community engagement. It was created in 2015 and is managed by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Urban and Social Research, in partnership with Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh. Open Data is a key tenant of inclusive innovation and much of this work is championed by the data center. Look through the Data on the Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation. 


The p4 initiative builds upon Pittsburgh’s global relationships with cities and advocates for equity, inclusion, clean technology innovators, universities, and globally renowned architects and planners to create a new sustainable and inclusive approach to urban development, design, building, and employment. Its goal is a world-class city that benefits all of its citizens. Watch the featured speakers discuss p4 on YouTube. 

EcoInnovation District

The Ecoinnovation District in Pittsburgh is the first of its kind. It is a groundbreaking initiative that combines the goals of both EcoDistricts and Innovation Districts that have helped to positively transform communities across the country.  The Ecoinnovation District is an opportunity to identify the ways in which redevelopment can improve the environment, support the needs of existing residents, and expand entrepreneurship and job growth. Learn more about the EcoInnovation District. 


OnePGH is the strategy for Pittsburgh to thrive in the 21st century as a city of engaged, empowered, and coordinated neighbors. Pittsburgh will be resilient when our city is livable for all residents. OnePGH establishes a bold vision for the city, building on recent successes and a wealth of community assets, while directly confronting the complex challenges that we all continue to face. Find out more about OnePGH.


Inclusive Innovation is a joint collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of Innovation & Performance and The Urban Redevelopment Authority. Special thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundations for their generous support to Inclusive Innovation.

© 2017 City of Pittsburgh, Department of Innovation & Performance



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