Connect Citizens with City Government

Pilot strategies to facilitate communication between citizens and city government.


Improve City Web Services

The new City website allows citizens to complete transactions online, connect with decision makers, and find information.

Strengthen Public Engagement

Coordinate and centralize online City Services and Social Media platforms in order to increase public accessibility and engagement.

Expand City Channel

Improve and expand City Channel Pittsburgh by highlighting more events, increasing access points, and enhancing the quality of the channel.


Teach Citizens About City Government

Help citizens understand the City’s different roles, responsibilities, and initiatives.

Drive Civic Engagement

Promote civic engagement and resident involvement by planning events and sending newsletters to residents and partners.

Action Items







Improve City Web Services


Create Centralized Service Center

Bring government to the people through a mobile or centralized city service center, that makes it easier for residents to report issues to the City and find out what local government can do for them.


Elicit Feedback

Provide a platform to solicit feedback from residents on their interactions with City departments.

Improve Website

Create a responsive, user-friendly website organized into sections for residents and businesses to access the services and information they need.

Create Online Platform for Transactions

Allow all possible city transactions to be made online, therefore making business transactions with the City easier for residents and business owners.

Improve Document Accessibility

Improve city document accessibility through format improvements, including multi-lingual options for documents which can be downloaded through the city website as a part of the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.


Enhance Security Measures

Improve security measures so that the City website can provide and receive more information and traffic.

Strengthen Public Engagement


Coordinate Social Media

Integrate social media into existing outreach, such as community meetings and other traditional forms, through the Office of Community Affairs.


Host Citizenship Days

Host Citizenship Days through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan to promote and celebrate citizenship.


Create Toolkit

Provide a toolkit which empowers community groups to better disseminate information from community meetings, connect with their constituents, increase turnout, and run effective meetings.

Communicate City Services

Communicate new and longstanding city services to residents through a targeted campaign.

Implement Social Media Policy

Finalize and implement a Citywide Social Media Policy that lays out guidelines for how City accounts will be overseen and operated with the goal of increasing coordinated communication.

Share Social Media on Website

Publicize social media channels on the City’s website and other digital avenues.

Teach Citizens About City Government

Develop Tinycards Deck

Create Duolingo Tiny Cards to help teach people about local government.

Develop Videos

Create Gov’t 101 videos.

Expand City Channel Pittsburgh’s visibility and quality


Upgrade City Channel

Upgrade the City Channel’s control room, studio, Council Chambers, playback server, and all necessary equipment to modern standards.


Highlight Municipal Events

Highlight municipal events, sustainability programming, interviews with city leadership, and cablecast community content centered on civic policies and events.


Post Schedule

Post the City Channel schedule on Comcast and Verizon’s TV guides. The schedule is currently available on the city website.


Archive City Channel Recordings

Digitize and archive the thirty-year catalogue of City Channel Pittsburgh recordings.


Provide City Channel in HD

Cablecast City Channel Pittsburgh in high definition on television and online by 2020. This is a necessary next step to ensure the City Channel remains technologically relevant.

Drive more civic engagement opportunities between government and citizens

Plan Meetups

Create a Meetup group for Inclusive Innovation Roadmap Partners

Create Newsletter

Create a Civic Leadership Academy Newsletter.


Inclusive Innovation is a joint collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of Innovation & Performance and The Urban Redevelopment Authority. Special thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundations for their generous support to Inclusive Innovation.

© 2017 City of Pittsburgh, Department of Innovation & Performance


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