Close The Digital Divide

Provide pathways to internet access, computer access and digital learning opportunities for all.


Increase Digital Literacy

The City is partnering with local stakeholders to build digital mentoring and literary programs

Expand Internet Access

Increase the number of households that have access to technology and internet

Promote STEAM learning

Promote STEAM programs to prepare Pittsburgh’s youth for the highly-skilled jobs.

Action Items







Increase Digital Literacy


Expand Literacy Training

Work with community groups and organizations to expand and provide literacy training throughout the City.

Amplify TechHire Program

Support and amplify the TechHire program and other coding opportunities to drive higher participation and corporate partnerships.

Promote Digital Literacy in Seniors

Provide digital literacy training for senior citizens and others at the City’s recreational and senior centers.

Partner with My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

Promote digital literacy in partnership with the My Brother’s Keeper initiative.


Encourage Digital Libraries

Pilot digital library options to the public in community spaces.


Expand Technology Access

Expand access to technology in early childhood development centers through the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

Expand Internet Access


Establish Welcoming Hubs

Establish and promote Welcoming Hubs at select city parks recreation centers as community hubs through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.


Hire Community WiFi Fellow

Hire a Community WiFi Fellow to concentrate on increasing wireless access throughout the City’s neighborhoods.


Expand Public Wireless Internet

Increase public wireless internet accessibility in communities through public locations such as CitiParks and senior centers.


Promote Hotspot Stations

Provide options to check-out wireless hotspot stations from the library, providing options for communities who lack access to connectivity in the home.

Partner with PittMesh

Support and partner with the PittMesh network to increase the reach and number of nodes providing community wireless access.

Create Co-working Space

Pilot a pop-up co-working space using community public wireless.

Support Digital Inclusion

Support creation of a Pittsburgh coalition for digital inclusion including ISPs, Non-profits, foundations, community members and youth.

Develop Digital Equity Plan

Develop a plan based on the Digital Equity Study commissioned through Carnegie Mellon University. The study will include a spatial analysis and mapping of free wifi hotspots.

Promote Low Cost Internet Options

Promote exisiting low cost opportunity to obtain wireless access and devices.


Expand Municipal Fiber Network

Expand the municipal fiber network in partnership with anchor institutions to allow increased internet connectivity for communities in need.

Promote STEAM learning


Support Maker Events

Celebrate maker events throughout the city, such as Maker Faires and Maker Week.


Offer Maker Spaces at CitiParks

Explore possible partnerships with local maker organizations to offer Maker spaces and classes at CitiParks’ recreation centers in underserved communities.


Promote Coding Education

Foster opportunities for coding education across all segments of the population.


Increase Maker Space Access

Work with local Maker organizations to increase the presence and access of Maker spaces and after-school programming.


Partner with AmeriCorps

Connect underserved communities with Maker and STEAM programming through existing AmeriCorps program funding.

Collaborate on STEAM Training for Staff

Pilot collaboration with STEAM/technology organization to provide professional development for recreation and senior staff

Create Year-Round Rec2Tech Center

Transform one recreation center into a year-round Rec2Tech center.


Promote Digital Badges

Increase the number of youth acquiring digital badges through the City of Learning designation in competencies relating to the local economy in partnership with the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.


Inclusive Innovation is a joint collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of Innovation & Performance and The Urban Redevelopment Authority. Special thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundations for their generous support to Inclusive Innovation.

© 2017 City of Pittsburgh, Department of Innovation & Performance


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