Enhance City Operations

Use technology, improve employee engagement and support internal development.


Expand Technology Training

Provide new technology and data literacy trainings for City workers and increase the number of young city interns.

Streamline Procurement Processes

Support the development of new processes to save time and money and expand access to contracting opportunities.

Employ Smarter Materials Collection

Promote and optimize the City’s recycling, composting, and waste management processes.

Revitalize the City’s Public Infrastructure

Expand and improve the City’s Public Infrastructure to increase access and safety for public transportation, bikes, drivers, and pedestrians.

Action Items







Expand Technology Training


Partner with TechShop

Provide technology and mechanical skills training for City employees through a partnership with TechShop in Bakery Square.


Develop Customer Relationship

Provide 311 and other public-facing employees with customer relationship management training opportunities.


Host Fellow and Interns

Host fellowship, internship, and sabbatical/residency opportunities for tech-savvy professionals and students who want the chance to get a start in City Government.


Schedule Workshops and Speakers

Offer lunchtime workshops through the I&P Speaker Series for City employees on technological solutions, sustainable practices, workplace management, and other professional development topics.


Create Data Literacy trainings

Provide data literacy training for City workers to ensure that adoption of Open Data is smooth and effective.

Manage Work Orders

Allow City crews and managers to view existing and completed work orders on mobile devices and communicate completed orders to residents and management through a Citywide application.

Encourage Cultural Awareness

Implement city cultural awareness & access training and protocol for resident facing City staff through the Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan.

Promote Volunteering Days

Create and promote volunteering days within each city department to provide engagement opportunities between city staff.

Create Customer Focused Framework

Implement a framework for customer focused trainings for all new technology.

Create Innovation Space

Provide an innovation space for City employees to talk about methods to improve operations or ideas.

Collaborate with Local Universities

Work with local universities to collaborate on research initiatives to better improve and innovate city government. (New)

Create Quarterly Speaker Series

Produce a quaterly speaker series for city initiatives and innovation projects to provide a space to network and exchange ideas.


Provide Technology Training

Work with local education partners to provide new in-depth trainings on technological topics and provide employees with online self-paced training opportunities.

Streamline Procurement Processes


Streamline Purchasing Process

Create a web-based application to streamline the purchasing process, improving procurement efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness.

Create Healthy Living Standards

Embed sustainable and healthy living standards into the City’s procurement process.

Develop Purchasing Plan

Develop a formal plan for vetting, purchasing and utilizing new and existing technologies with end user focus.

Create Strategic Technology Plan

Create and implement a strategic technology plan that includes software and hardware, allowing for coordination across departments. This will assure that new technology solutions can be used Citywide.

Employ Smarter Materials Collection


Expand Smart Trash Usage

Expand the number of “smart” trash cans which send out alerts when full, making waste management more efficient and reducing litter and operational costs in business areas.


Expand Northside Recycling Pilot

Build upon the Northside recycling pilot project and work to expand recycling pickup collection by providing solid waste collection bins.

Increase Awareness for Recycling

Provide increased awareness and education for recycling, composting, and waste management to residents.


Introduce Curbside Composting

Explore ways of introducing curbside composting pickup for businesses and residents.


Invest in Bio-Energy Plant

Invest in a bio-energy plant to save residents money and help the transition of the local energy economy to renewable sources.


Enhance Recycling Process

Investigate movement towards a weekly recycling pickup schedule.

Revitalize the City’s public infrastructure


Design Accessible Bus Shelters

Design and deploy Bus shelters and stops which are accessible, provide information, and are integrated within the context of the community’s needs.


Explore Bus Rapid Transit Line

Explore building a Bus Rapid Transit Line (BRT) between Downtown Pittsburgh and Oakland in coalition with a variety of partners and the City.


Expand Bike Infrastructure

Expand bike infrastructure through a targeted plan, looking at the possibilities of installing additions to existing bike routes such as large, bright signs, dedicated traffic signals and painted asphalt which can make drivers more attentive and aware of


Implement Complete Streets Policy

Develop and implement a “complete streets” policy: a planning method which considers all users of the road including pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, individuals with special needs, public transit users, utilities, and businesses in the area.


Coordinate Traffic Lights

Expand and coordinate the synced traffic lights in the City to increase safety, optimize travel time, and reduce carbon emissions. Neighborhoods such as East Liberty and Downtown already make use of such traffic systems.


Inclusive Innovation is a joint collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Department of Innovation & Performance and The Urban Redevelopment Authority. Special thanks to the Richard King Mellon Foundation and the Hillman Family Foundations for their generous support to Inclusive Innovation.

© 2017 City of Pittsburgh, Department of Innovation & Performance


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